The Nickelodeon Gift Shop

After you have experienced our Museum tour, or even if you have not experienced it yet, you might like to look at our range of sale items. We stock both fully restored antique mechanical music machines and modern high-quality musical items, together with amazing optical toys and devices and mechanical kits to keep you and yours happily occupied on a wet afternoon.

Ideal for gifts is our range of cuddly bears, moose, deer etc, some in the form of charming and amusing trophy heads to put on your wall! Each has a different expression, being finished by hand.

We stock a carefully chosen selection from the Mr. Christmas range of musical items and hope to have some of the wonderful Swiss Reuge music boxes in stock by the summer.

Our optical devices are genuine reproductions of Victorian items such as thaumotropes, phenakistiscopes, kaleidoscopes etc, together with a range of wonderful flip books of ‘moving’ images produced originally by the inventor of sequential photography, Edweard Muybridge.

We stock a fine range of collectible bears, beautifully molded in resin in a variety of humorous poses, such as relaxing on a couch with a drink or rowing a boat.

We are acquiring a reputation for stocking items that are ‘different’ – please feel free to browse amongst them. There is no obligation and our staff will gladly demonstrate the musical or mechanical items!


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